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The First Female Pharaoh Hatshepsut Research Assignment - 3850 Words

The First Female Pharaoh: Hatshepsut Research Assignment (Essay Sample) Content: THE FIRST FEMALE PHARAOH: HATSHEPSUTStudents NameCourseDateHatshepsut was the first female pharaoh of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt from the XVIII dynasty. Before accession, she has carried the same name Hatshepsut that meant Foremost of Noble Ladies. This name was not changed with the accession to the throne though sources call her throne name Maatkara - Maat-Ka-Ra . She also has the title The Great King's wife and Wife of Amun. Queen Hatshepsut was the daughter of the third pharaoh XVIII dynasty of Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose. Thus, she was the granddaughter of Pharaoh Ahmose who was the founder of the New Kingdom. During the life of her father, Hatshepsut became Wife of God, the high priestess of the Theban god Amun.Hatshepsut had only one sister Nefrubiti, as well as three (or four) younger half-brothers Uadzhmos, Amenmos, Thutmose II and, possibly, Ramos, who were the sons of her father Tuthmosis I and Queen Mutnofret. Uadzhmos, Amenmos and two younger brot hers of Hatshepsut died in infancy. Therefore, after the death of Thutmose I, she married her half-brother Thutmose II (son of Thutmose I and a secondary queen Mutnofret), ill and weak ruler, who ruled 4 years. Thus, the continuity of the royal dynasty was preserved as Hatshepsut was of pure royal blood. This paper will examine the history of reign of Hatshepsut, the first female pharaoh and her main achievments.Hatshepsut, the First Female PharaohSome researchers believe that Hatshepsut concentrated the real power in her hands even during the reign of her husband. After the death of Thutmose II, a twelve-year Thutmose III was proclaimed the sole Pharaoh, meanwhile Hatshepsut became a regent. However, after 18 months, young Pharaoh was removed from the throne by Legitimist party led by the Theban priesthood of Amun, which has enthroned Hatshepsut. During the ceremony in the temple of the supreme god Amun of Thebes priests who were carrying heavy barge with a statue of the god, knel t it down right next to the queen, which was seen as a blessing of Theban oracle of Amun to the new ruler of Egypt. As result of the coup, Thutmose III was sent to the temple. By these actions, it was planned to remove him from the Egyptian throne, at least, for the regency of Hatshepsut. The main forces supporting Hatshepsut were the Egyptian priesthood and the aristocracy, as well as of the outstanding commanders.The fact, that later Hatshepsut became a Pharaoh is explained by the relatively high status of women in ancient Egyptian society, as well as the fact that the throne of Egypt passed through the female line. In addition, generally, it considered that such a strong personality as Hatshepsut has reached a significant impact during the life of his father and a husband, and could actually rule instead of Thutmose II. The period of the reign of Hatshepsut was marked by an unprecedented prosperity and the rise of Egypt. She ruled successfully. Great progress and the prosperit y of her kingdom can be witnessed by the restoration of ancient temples and impressive monumental buildings, carried out at the time, many of which have survived to the present day.Appearance of Female PharaohAccording to the beliefs of the Egyptians, Pharaoh was the incarnation of the god Horus, and, thus, could not have feminine traits. The fact that Hatshepsut became a king is an incredible event, and it was not in harmony with the legend of the origin of Pharaoh. In ancient Egypt, there was not even the expression to denote a female ruling. In written texts, Hatshepsut made no secret of her sex, a lot of female endings could be found there . In the pictures, she tried to combine the images of the queen and king. Hatshepsut propagated visuals of the female pharaoh as if accustoming the Egyptians to this paradox. Receiving titerature of Pharaohs, Hatshepsut started to being portrayed in a headdress with uraeus huts and with a cover beard. First, the appearance of Pharaoh was char acterized by a combination of male and female canons. Initially, statues and images of Hatshepsut presented her with a female figure, but in men's clothes, and later, analogs of her image were finally transformed into a male. Therefore, in the official ceremonies, Hatshepsut often wore men's clothing, and an artificial beard, but it was not mandatory. Also, Pharaoh began to demand to be portrayed in the guise of men: in a headdress of Pharaoh, Pharaoh's loincloth, with the royal false beard with no female traits. However, the inscriptions on the walls of the temple of Queen, she continued to call herself the most beautiful of women and gave up one of the royal titles - Mighty Bull.When female pharaoh Hatshepsut ascended the throne, to approve the legitimacy of her authority, a legend of Power Queen was invented, which was based primarily on the priesthood of Amun. It was the legend about teogamy, or divine marriage, during which the Amon god himself allegedly descended from heaven to earth to queen Ahmose, taking the form of Thutmose I, beget his daughter Hatshepsut. In addition, the ceremonial inscriptions claimed that the queen was elected to the Egyptian throne during the life of her father that was not true. Subsequently, in the official propaganda, the legend of the divine origin of Hatshepsut constantly used to justify her staying on the throne.ArchitecturesOf all the areas of her state activity, Hatshepsut manifested herself primarily as a pharaoh builder. The queen has restored a lot of the monuments destroyed by invaders, the Hyksos. In addition, she was actively engaged in the construction of the temples. Karnak was erected, the so-called Red sanctuary of Hatshepsut for the ceremonial boat of the god Amon. Relief images on the walls of the sanctuary are dedicated to the reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, as well as ones legitimizing her personal power. Here, at Karnak, on the order of the queen, giant granite obelisks were installed; VIII pylons in the temple of Amun was erected; the sanctuary of Amun-Kamuefa built; the Temple wife of Amon Mut was significantly expanded . The two obelisks of Hatshepsut (height 29.56 m) near the pylon of the temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak were the highest of all ever built in Egypt before they were hidden by masonry on the order of Thutmose III. During the reign of Hatshepsut, the largest unfinished obelisk was hewn, which was also planned for Karnak. Its height should be 41.8 meters and weight about 1,200 tons, which exceeds the largest obelisk ever erected in Egypt for one-third m.Still, the most famous monument of architecture of the time Hatshepsut is a beautiful temple at Deir el-Bahri in the remote western part of Thebes, which bored the ancient name Jesser Jeseru Sacred of the sacred. It has been building for 9 years - from 7th to the 16th year of the reign of Queen. At that time, the temple was unique in many ways, demonstrating impeccable harmony of the architectural complex, 1000 years before the construction of the Parthenon in Athens.The Economic Status of the Society during Reign of HatshepsutHatshepsut finished restoration in Egypt and has built numerous monuments throughout Egypt. These major constructions would have been impossible without the economic recovery of Egypt. During the reign of Hatshepsut, in Egypt, time of great prosperity began. Trading developed very rapidly during the reign of the female pharaoh. A trade agreement concluded between the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut and Punt the king of the state (now, it is Somalia) is known. This momentous event occurred on the 9 year reign of Thutmose III or, in fact, on the second year of the reign of Hatshepsut as Pharaoh, that is, at a time when the temple was built in Deir el-Bahri. The history of this trade expedition is embodied in a series of relief scenes in the so-called portico of Punta in the Deir el-Bahri. This is the main source that tells about the journey to Punt under Hatshepsut. Altho ugh Egyptian have visited this country in the past, in the era of the Old and Middle Kingdoms, the expedition sent by Hatshepsut, was much bigger, and it was the first since the beginning of the New Kingdom, after a long break in relations with Punt. Also, it is known that the king of Punta met the guests from Egypt very well. The merchants could exchange the bronze tools, wine, and weapons to such amount of gold, which does not fit entirely on the ships. First of all, it was a diplomatic victory of Hatshepsut. In addition, during the time that Thutmose was absent, she has strengthened her authority further. Moreover, the expedition to Punt was beneficial for purely economic reasons.Hatshepsut managed not only to achieve absolute power but also to make every effort for the prosperity of Egyptians. The queen drew attention to agriculture coming to a complete standstill. The arable land was becoming less, desert conquered new spaces, grain crops and dates contracted. Farmers consider ed agricultural labor extremely disadvantageous and went to the army. Hatshepsut was not afraid to send huge amounts of money for ...

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Viktor And Rolf And Elie Saab - 1716 Words

Erika Erlenbach Dr. Maureen S. MacGillivray AMD 141 September 24, 2015 Designer Paper: Viktor and Rolf and Elie Saab Viktor and Rolf are an inseparable duo in the fashion world and I was in awe the moment I saw their work. I was planing on researching only one side of the duo for Haute couture but all the information on them is in sync. When in Arnhem, The Netherlands in 1992 Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren graduated from ArtEZ institute and started their journey together(Heritage, 2015). After graduating The duo worked hard to develop their first line that premiered in 1993 (Heritage, 2015). The duo was so successful with their lines they were recognized and showcased their first Haute couture show in 1998 (Heritage, 2015). People are†¦show more content†¦The dutch men have collaborated with Loreal to create a scent for the brand labeled Flowerbomb. Then also partnered with HM. The men have also created fashion eyewear and a shoe line. With the build up of their brand the duo has recently announced some huge news. Viktor and Rolf have recently announced that they will no longer continue in ready-to-wear and strictly focus on haute couture. They state that ready-to-wear is â€Å"creatively restricting† (Socha, M.,2015, February).The announcement happened after their most recent collection for fall/winter 2015/16. The show was breathtaking. Victor states that â€Å"The idea was wearable art. now that we are concentrating on couture we wanted to emphasize very literally how we have artistic roots and how fashion can be art in our universe.† Viktor and Rolf have been very successful at creating a name for themselves. This success has led to interest in there haute couture lines. Because of the major breakthroughs and innovative collections the men will continue to grow. Their strong point is art and dropping their ready to wear line will allow them to continue to push the boundaries in fashion, inspire, and awe crowds. Viktor and Rolf have established a name and keep living up to their title. They only continue to push and strive to invent new concepts. I expect Viktor and Rolf to define new terms for fashion and art. For my ready-to-wear designer I have chosen Elie Saab. I was drawn in by Saab’s

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On A Scale Of One To Ten, How Good Of A Writer Are You

On a scale of one to ten, how good of a writer are you? Would you categorize yourself as a two because you hate writing and are poor at the whole writing process? Or maybe an eight because you do not mind it, but could use improvement on revising? There are so many pieces that are required to create a sound paper that has strong content, organization, grammar, and ability to grab the reader’s attention. Because of this, there is no simple, clear-cut definition of â€Å"good writing.† Even though â€Å"good writing† cannot be easily defined, Nancy Sommers, who teaches and researches at Harvard University where she has served a number of roles over nearly three decades with a focus on the development of high school and college students’ literacies†¦show more content†¦At the end of the season, I was able to reflect on my two seasons of track and be thankful that I was able to go undefeated in the league, get my high school’s record in the 400 m hurdles, get third in the county and second at the state group meet, and now have the opportunity to continue my running career as a Calvin Knight. I do not say this to make it seem like I have accomplished all my goals and reached my full potential because none of that would be true. I am continuing to write down new goals as an athlete and as an individual. I use this personal example to show how it is indeed beneficial to write down your goals to hold yourself accountable to becoming better in a certain category. With that example in mind, the goals that I have written down to improve my writing include being a better revisor, rewriter, and to not put off writing assignments until the night they’re due. These are some goals that I have made to improve my writing because I typically struggle with revising content and organization, improving my second draft to make it a better final draft, and overcoming the temptation of procrastination. For example, after receiving comme nts from my peers and professor , I find it simple toShow MoreRelatedPrenatal And Infancy : Childhood Memories Of Drugs1339 Words   |  6 Pagesdrank regularly near him and his siblings. This writer has no memory of drugs or alcohol. This writers father was a heavy cigarette smoker, there was knowledge of cigarette smoke in the house because of the smoke smell. This writer also remembers that there was cigarette smoking everywhere. Not like now days where you can’t smoke in malls, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and air ports. During the early 1980’s you could smoke everywhere. This writer also remembers stories from his grandmother aboutRead MoreArt Is All Around Us Essay1439 Words   |  6 PagesArt is all around us. From the exquisite foods we eat to the breath taking sculptures around the world. Every single person is connected to art in one way or another, whether you are alone in your room, jamming to your favorite song, or a world renowned painter. It is a humongous part of our lives, and has been for thousands of years, however, as the years go by, colleges have pushed aside the arts. Some colleges put a few â€Å"introduction to art† classes as optional elections, and others have ignoredRead MoreUse Of Language For Aesthetic Purposes Essay1400 Words   |  6 Pageswriting of poetry† (United States Poet Laureate, Wikipedia), while upholding the role and obligation to portray the values of comprehensive poetry. The more intimate side of poetry is a personal commitment of both authors and readers. The audience and writer of poetry understand that diction carries a higher worth in poetry than common writing. People appreciate that meanings of words and that their nuances can â€Å"suddenly find yourself blown into a world full of awe, dread, wonder, marvel, deep sorrowRead MoreAnalysis Of Good Readers And Good Writers By Vladimir Nabokov954 Words   |  4 Pagesassigned reading of â€Å"Good Readers and Good Writersâ⠂¬  by Vladimir Nabokov probes the subject that is the necessary attributes an individual must have in order for them to be successful readers and writers of literature. A list of ten rules is then stated in the essay and sets them as the baseline commandments that an individual must follow in order to be some kind of a devoted â€Å"good reader†. While the criteria sets the standard for a â€Å"good reader† it aligns with that of a good analyzer and can be appliedRead MoreThe Philosophies Of Christianity And Islam And Their Impact On The Patient s Care Essay1294 Words   |  6 PagesHealthcare Provider and Faith Diversity Of the many challenges faced by today’s healthcare workers, properly caring for individuals from many different backgrounds and beliefs is an important one. The United States is made up of a multitude of cultures with distinct religions and beliefs. Treating the whole person includes not just what is ailing the body but also recognizing the spiritual side of the patient. Healthcare providers must remain open minded and take into consideration the rituals andRead MoreThe Bomb And Its Impact On Hiroshima982 Words   |  4 PagesImagine yourself in your office at Nicholls reading this paper. Then all of a sudden, BOOM! A bomb hit right there in Nicholls Quad. But then again, you wouldn’t know a bomb had dropped because you would be dead already. You would have been too close to the bomb explosion and would have just disappeared. Even though the novel Black Rain depicts Shigematsu and Yasuko as the main characters, the bomb is really what made this book. Without the atomi c bomb, Shigematsu and Yasuko wouldn’t have anythingRead MoreSophocles The Greatest Minds1290 Words   |  6 Pages Sophocles is an Ancient Greek writer and philosopher, who wrote one of the greatest stories of all tome Antigone. Sophocles is also said to be one of the greatest minds in achievements and times of Sophocles’. Sophocles was born about 496 BC at Colonus in Attica, near Athens and died 406 BC. He lived in the most brilliant intellectual period of Athens. Sophocles, his father, was a wealthy Athenian citizen and gave him a sound education in music, gymnastics, and dancing. He was well known asRead MoreSophocles Antigone : An Ancient Greek Writer And Philosopher1291 Words   |  6 PagesAntigone Sophocles is an Ancient Greek writer and philosopher, who wrote one of the greatest stories of all tome Antigone. Sophocles is also said to be one of the greatest minds in achievements and times of Sophocles’. Sophocles was born about 496 BC at Colonus in Attica, near Athens and died 406 BC. He lived in the most brilliant intellectual period of Athens. Sophocles, his father, was a wealthy Athenian citizen and gave him a sound education in music, gymnastics, and dancing. He was wellRead MoreThe Trojan Horse1296 Words   |  6 Pagesbeing built. After reviewing the archology site he found that same tower described in the Iliad. Though a lot of the interior was different from how the Iliad described he knew that Homer was on the right track and was someone he could believe. Edith Hall theory of the Trojan War defense coming down was the idea of a real Trojan Horse. She goes on to explain how the wars in those times were won of trickery and deliberate plans to win wars. Edith Hall believes that the Trojan Horse was that trickery thatRead MoreLeadership: A Reluctant Businessman Essay examples1586 Words   |  7 PagesYvon Chouinard is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist , legendary climber, and surfer. He is also a writer, writing essays on outdoor climbing issues and ethics, and more recently publishing a book about mixing environmentalism and sound business practice in corporate policies (Green Economy Initiative, 2011). Chouinard is most noted for his clothing and gear company, Patagonia, Inc., where he has constructed a culture that strives to create an ideal working environment where employees

Act of Faith free essay sample

The story ‘Act of Faith’ is one of the short stories in Irwin Shaw’s anthology of short stories titled ‘Five Decades’. There are 63 stories in the anthology which were written in a span of five decades, the time for which the title is derived. In this story, which is the thirteenth in the anthology, Irwin explores the theme of racial prejudice. Intricate in the story line is the notion that all around there is general negativity about racism and that true liberation from the perceived injustices lies in trusting other people. The story starts with â€Å"three combat-scarred veterans† Seeger, Olson, and Welch who have been given a pass and want to go Paris but have no money. The main character, Seeger, a Jew, approaches their captain to lend them money since their salary had delayed for three months. The captain obliges and lends him, 200 francs from the four hundred that he had. We will write a custom essay sample on Act of Faith or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The money is however not enough for the three of them and Olson even comments that â€Å"†¦we won’t be able to pinch a whore’s behind on the Boulevard des Capucines †¦Ã¢â‚¬  (pg 287). They even think of selling their combat jackets but they realize the French would give them very little for it. It is in this thought that Welsh comes up with the idea that he knows where he can get the 65 bucks. It is also at this time that he is also handed a letter from his father. The unusual letter narrates to him his fathers growing dissatisfaction with being a Jew. He describes how Jacob, Seeger’s brother’s health has deteriorated and how he suffers from â€Å"†¦fits of depression and hallucination† (249) since he was discharged from the army. In the letter, Seeger’s father tells him how he continually watches how the Jewish people are being vilified everyday everywhere. He says that everywhere â€Å"†¦restaurants, hotels, clubs, trains – you seem to hear talk about the Jew, mean, hateful, murderous talk†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (251). Thee talks have led him to believe that injustice done to the Jews was a good in that it may help people to see that it is against all odds that the Jewish people triumph. He even adds that he finds himself â€Å"†¦looking for Jewish names in the casualty list and secretly being glad when [he] discovers them there.†(251). After reflecting on the content of the letter and having thought of his three friends and how they have had to lay there lives on line a number of time to save him, he decides to sell the German pistol he had taken after killing a German SS officer. Seeger’s father notices how the Jewish people are hated. He hears how even those whom he considered a friends still perceive Jews as the beneficiaries of the war, even after being killed in masses by Germans. He notices how anything done by a Jew is taken to have been done for self. This view stems from the fact that the Jewish people tended to fight on their own and acting to be strong amidst all the struggles. For instance, the two old people, â€Å"†¦a little bent old man and a small, shapeless woman†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (253) who stop Seeger and ask him if he is a Jew. When he answers them that he is, the old people â€Å"†¦smiled widely, like children†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (253). They become happy because their blood is also seen as able to avenge for their blood. For Seeger, the German pistol represents for him an act justice. A personal gratification for having been the instrument for performing that act of justice. He keeps the luger safely between his bed roll and had even avoided â€Å"†¦all opportunities for selling it, although he had been offered as much as a hundred dollars for it†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (248). In the story his father narrates for him how he had once heard somebody comment on the death of Roosevelt that â€Å"Finally, they got the Jew out of the White House† (251). This shows the negative perception the people had for the president. All he did is not seen as an act of a person but the way of Jews. It is this perception that drives Seeger to seek his own gratification. A thing he seems to find in the Luger and what it represents for him. He only abandons the luger and agrees to sell it after having realized that his friends do not view him as a Jew, but rather as person. And that that they don’t know what Jews are, they imply that they have not been treating Seeger as a Jew but rather as a person. In conclusion, we see that the transformation that happens to Seeger happens after realizing that true fight for prejudice starts when one is able to trust his friends and receive the same trust. References Shaw, Irwin. Short Stories: Five Decades. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000.

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Why SAT Essay Writing Must Be Improved

Why SAT Essay Writing Must Be ImprovedSearchers need to understand that SAT samples essay writing is a must. SAT Essay writes, whether you are writing one yourself or using an essay template, the composition part of your essay will go a long way in determining whether you get an A or not. The majority of essays that I have seen online for colleges require a lot of skills that cannot be applied to sample essays.You are only as good as your last piece of writing, and the same goes for any essay that you write. The same goes for any samples that you use to write your own essay. If you do not like the essay writing sample that you receive, it will not matter how much practice you give yourself to write another one. You just do not have the writing ability to make a difference.To really excel at SAT essay writing, you have to put into practice some skills that will help you to focus on one topic and let that one topic dominate your mind. It is the only way that you can truly get your thou ghts in a place that you are happy with and allow them to flow naturally from your mind.So, how do you do this? You can only do it by focusing on one topic at a time. Instead of trying to cover topics that interest you, you should start with one topic, and then you should move on to another topic before you are ready to cover the previous topic.This will allow you to have a different topic to cover each day that will not be confusing for you. You will have a fresh focus on your material and the flow will be much better. Also, by doing this you will be more organized, as you will be doing less copy and pasting your text to each essay.Finally, you should avoid sample essays if they do not make sense to you. You need to know that you will not use this information as a model when you go to school, so you should feel comfortable working with it without letting other's copy it.Keep in mind that once you get the hang of using samples for SAT essay writing, you will be able to produce a gre at piece of writing almost immediately. You will also be able to increase your score because the first few times that you test out, you may not know how to format your essay or you may not be able to write a complete one.The only thing that you need to remember is that it is very important to practice before you write your first one for SAT. Otherwise, you will not be as effective when you write your first one.

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Secret Shortcuts to Literary Essay with Secondary Sources Samples Only the Experts Know About

Secret Shortcuts to Literary Essay with Secondary Sources Samples Only the Experts Know About The Hidden Gem of Literary Essay with Secondary Sources Samples It is much simpler to scan your notes than it would be to scan the whole novel Moby Dick, for instance, when you're looking for quotes and examples to strengthen your argument. A secondary source might also synthesize the job of different historians so as to formulate an entirely new interpretation. A good example of this can be Superman comics as wells Boon and Mills novels that are fictional however they aren't usually thought to be literature. You should find the correct resources for your essay in addition to patience when finding the most suitable inspiration to write. You're going to be surrounded by writing professionals throughout the plan of order placement, and after you opt to purchase essay and select an allocated writer, things will get even more exciting. There are various elements involved with writing an effective essay. Criticizing a part of work doesn't signify that you're personally attacking its creator. Things You Won't Like About Literary Essay with Secondary Sources Samples and Things You Will This step is vital since it will enable you to find secondary sources that may act as your evidence. Frequently, they also make the most of the work of different historians by utilizing other secondary sources. Unsurprisingly, the key benefits of secondary sources largely tackle the disadvantages of primary sources. There are benefits of using secondary sources. These supplementary materials are occasionally called tertiary sources. Don't hesitate to explore different methods for incorporating sources, since there are other techniques of doing this. Identifying and analyzing a wide range of primary sources is a difficult endeavor but historians and researchers have been able to categorize the sources in order and have been very considerate and advanced. What Does Literary Essay with Secondary Sources Samples Mean? Just take a peek at our guide about how to compose the secondary application to find a huge collection of all of the common secondary prompts, in addition to training videos walking your through all the techniques you will need to know to compose compelling secondaries. Each individual's entry is a succinct overview of their life, often written by means of an expert. Actually, prior to making an order you are able to secure a price quote on your essay. Keep in mind, in addition, there are discounts available when purchasing all 3 e-books and free shipping when purchasing all three text books. If you don't feel as if you have the time to write essays by yourself, we will give you a hand, any instance of the day, seven days per week. You may be interested in high school essay examples. Students dread hearing which they're going to compose an essay, but essays are among the simplest and most relaxed kinds of writing they'll learn. There is apparently some questions from the author regarding the demand for additional study. A Startling Fact about Literary Essay with Secondary Sources Samples Uncovered A conference article resembles a scholarly article insofar as it's academic. You may be interested in travel essay examples. Writing a high school essay if you've got the tips about how to do essay effectively. Scroll down the page in order to look at extra essay samples which might help you in producing your very own literary essay. A good way to und erstand the difference between primary and secondary sources is to check at them side-by-side, particularly when they're discussing exactly the same story or issue. The main reason for this is because they make probable frame of mind that's essentially valuable. In the very first option, to try it, instead of focusing on the most essential point, select a lesser yet equally intriguing point and work on developing that idea to determine whether it holds relevance to your topic. Be certain to mark those places too. A secondary source is one which gives information about a key source. Chemistry is a subject which, basically, supplies you with useful information concerning the different substances or forms of materials which make up the physical world around us and the way in which they behave or react with one another. Consider the principal source being a straight-on view, though a secondary source is related to the key source obliquely. Literary Essay with Secondary Sources S amples Secrets A variety of newspapers in addition to magazines also do collect data in respect of several social and financial facets. Sources which have been published very recently will reflect the recent theories and comprehension of the past. These examples and descriptions of publication types will provide you with a notion of the way to use many works and why you would want to compose a specific sort of paper. You may find conference papers in several of the exact same places as scholarly articles.

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Ap Lang College Board Invasive Species Synthesis Essay Student Samples - Does Your Professor Use the Question to Test Your Proficiency?

Ap Lang College Board Invasive Species Synthesis Essay Student Samples - Does Your Professor Use the Question to Test Your Proficiency?'Ap Lang College Board Invasive Species Synthesis Essay Student Samples' was an assignment I took on with one of my history classes. The class is usually very interesting and fun, but the assignment is no longer a fun assignment. It was a super boring assignment for me.The question is one we see each semester for the course. It seems to be a real chore to write a good response to the question, especially in light of all the comments that we get about how horrible AP English is. Many of our students struggle with difficult material that has been modified for the rest of us students by the English departments of our colleges and universities.They will write an essay to defend their argument and write an essay to attack their opponent. We find many students struggle with this assignment and cannot write an effective essay. Their criticisms do not matter, because they have already submitted their piece.Students spend countless hours over the course of the semester researching and writing essays that are more confusing than enlightening. It seems some professors are using the essay question as a test. This is not an educational way to do it.The next time you are assigned to a question ask your professor if he or she uses the question to test the students' abilities. If they do then ask them why they do this. My professors said it is used to get a good response and the subject matter is very important to them.If you are wondering why they would want to test students with these essays, look no further than the fact that all students are given essay prompts during this course. While the professors might have different prompts and the reasons may be different, this is typical. They want students to write essays on all topics, not just invasives.This simple fact is the biggest reason that the faculty hate writing these questionnaires. Wha t they really want is for students to spend hundreds of hours producing essays that will be about nothing. They want the students to come out of this experience only feeling dumb.Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to many of our students. In order to make a living you need to learn how to research your subject, but writing an essay is much easier. Why not take a page from their book and take on a better assignment that requires your research skills?